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Refund Policy And Cancellation

In case of rejection by the Immigration and Visa Authorities, World Visa will refund the applicable amount as per stated in the agreement. The refund will be made within 30 working days after the client send an email from their registered mail address. The client is requested to enclose a payment receipt(s) along with a copy of the retainer agreement. Failure to enclose these documents will make the client ineligible for the refund.

1. The client understands and agrees that the total invoice amount will include the professional fee of World Visa and the applicable taxes and hence the refund would be calculated only on the Professional fee paid toward World Visa. The tax component is non-refundable at any stage.

2. All payments made to World Visa Consultants would be taken as valid only against a receipt issued by the firm.

3. World Visa is not responsible for the refund of any fees/amount/charges that have been paid to any third parties including but not limited to Assessing Bodies, Immigration Authorities, Embassy/Consulate/High Commission.

4. The firm charges a total fee of X amount(as stated in the various payment option sheets)for services rendered for assisting in processing visa applications. Ordinarily, the payment is to be made lump sum, but at the discretion of the firm and a clear understanding between the two parties (Client & World Visa), payment may be scheduled in instalments at various stages as scheduled in the clause number 7 of the retainer agreement.

5. The signing of the agreement and / or the acknowledgement of the receipt to this effect makes the client liable for this payment(as per clause 7 of the retainer agreement) even if he chooses not to pursue the case with the firm and voluntarily withdraws his application.

6. The professional fee charged by world visa is strictly non-transferrable or cannot be adjusted as against any other services other than signed up and or as stated in the retainer agreement.

7. The company follows a zero tolerance for chargebacks. Any customer whose transaction is found to be valid yet raises a chargeback request with no strong grounds falling under the purview of the following grounds and reasons eligible for a refund: Fraudulent transaction, Unrecognised transaction and or repeated transaction, shall warrant legal action and World Visa thus reserves the right to blacklist the applicant with the various foreign offices and government agencies.

8. Where the payment is made to World Visa through Credit Card or net banking, the applicant agrees & undertakes voluntarily to not dispute the payment or notify the designated bank for chargeback/withholding the payment or cancellation of the payment. The applicant upon receiving all the initial guidance and information and checklist along with samples from World Visa, understands that the acceptance of terms & conditions set out herewith and in the retainer agreement make him liable to pay the fee as stated agreed upon in the retainer agreement.

World Visa will not make any refund in the following cases:

1. Visa refusal on account of clients' failure to clear the family medical examination as required.

2. Visa refusal on grounds of failure to obtain the relevant Police clearance or due to various legal or security issues.

3. Visa refusal on furnishing of false documentation or information, and or the client's inability to timely inform the firm about any changes in employment, residential, family status and non-submission of documents as required from time to time.

4. Visa refusal because of clients' failure to obtain the relevant IELTS 7.0 band score in all four disciplines of speaking, reading, listening, Writing, or French language skills.

5. If due to any circumstances, beyond the control of the firm due to any sort of changes in policy or criteria, amendments, restriction imposed by the immigration department/foreign post of the respected country for any present or further processing of the application or if the high commission(s) alters its immigration policy / procedures / pass marks etc that effects the clients eligibility after signing of the retainer agreement and any change in the policy of respected government which makes the applicant ineligible to immigrate forthwith even if the same comes into effect retrospectively to the detriment of the client.

6. If the client fails to attend three days orientation program at World Visa Office and consequently Visa gets refused.

7. The client also agrees that he would not claim any refunds where the agreement has been signed and a payment invoice is generated whether or not the application has been lodged. Early Service withdrawal does will not entail any fee refund, either a part or full.

8. The very fact that the checklist and samples issued and discussed at the time of registration and initial consultation is reason enough to retain the consultation fees and make no refunds, as these are documents that the company prepares/purchases and more importantly collects over a period of time and is the same is the Legally owned property of World Visa.

9. There will be no refunds made in the case where the applicant does not submit any required documents as per the checklist within a period of 45 days and where then the client becomes ineligible to pursue the application.

10. Where the client does not communicate with the office for a period of three months, the application shall be deemed as voluntary abandonment and thus no refunds will be made.

Worlds Visa Consultants is a Private Limited Company with its registered office in Bangalore and thus any/all disputes that may arise between the parties in the retainer agreement or the policy outlaid above will be tried within the Jurisdiction of courts in Bangalore, Karnataka.

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