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  1. About Canada Business Visa:

    • The Canada Business Visa is all about opening doors for those willing and ready to invest in business opportunities in the Canadian market. Canada has one of the strongest, and most diverse, economies in the world with a friendly environment for business and innovation, as well as very high standards of living. Whether you are planning to start business in Canada, diversify your business or invest in Canadian businesses, the Canada Business Visa sets the legal foundation for this. At World Visa Consultants, we have extensive experience in investment immigration services that enable our clients to integrate successfully into the business environment of Canada.

  2. Eligibility For Canada Business Visa:

    • Canada Business Visa: Applicants should have substantial business experience customarily evidenced by ownership or management of a qualifying business.

    • Minimum Investment: The minimum investment required by the Canadian business visa also differs according to the category of visa. In general applicants should be ready to deposit a considerable amount of money in the Canadian economy- CAD 200,000 to CAD 800,000.

    • Net Worth: Applicants must demonstrate the capability of having a substantial personal net worth that will enable them to run their business and personal needs in Canada. This amount may differ depending on the situation, while the minimum net worth typically ranges from CAD 600,000 to CAD 1,500,000.

    • Business Plan: There is a need to develop a detailed working business proposal that describes the activity type, market situation, financial plan, and prospects of creating new jobs for Canadians. This plan shows the feasibility of the business and the possibility of the business’s success.

    • Language Proficiency: The knowledge of English or French is mandatory as the business communication occurs in Canada.

    • Adherence to Laws: The applicants are required to commit themselves into obeying the laws and the regulations of Canada to conduct permitted legal business that will contribute to the economy of the country.

    • Medical and Security Checks: Additional requirements include medical tests for both the applicant and their dependents, as well as security clearance.World Visa Consultants is pleased to offer all-around service throughout the entire application process to secure a Canada Business Visa. Our profound knowledge of investment immigration combined with individual approach will help you achieve the goal to start a business in Canada comfortably and effectively. We assist anyone from the Indian businessman or businesswoman in the process of applying for a Canada business visa for Indian citizens to the international investor. Contact us today and let us guide you on how to do business in Canada and be successful.

  3. Application Process For Canada Business Visa:

    • Initial Consultation and Assessment: At World Visa Consultants, the initial step is an assessment to determine your goals and qualifications. This comprises assessing the business experience, ability to invest, the prospective success of the business in Canada.

    • Document Preparation: There will be a detailed list of documents required for Canada Business Visa such as evidence of business experience, financial records, business proposals, and identification documents. There must not be any loopholes or a single means through which an error or an omission may delay the process as all documentation must be correct.

    • Submission of Application: Once all the documents are ready, we help you to submit your Canada Business Visa application to the right Canadian immigration authorities. This step involves paying the required fees and making sure that all the forms are completed in the right manner.

    • Review and Processing: The processing time of Canada Business Visa can be long, and it usually takes about several months for the visa to be processed. During this period, immigration officers consider your application and may seek further information or clarification.

    • Approval and Visa Issuance: If your application will be successful, then you will be granted a Canada Business Visa which means that you can proceed with your business in Canada.

    • Post-Visa Services: This is not the end of our support once the visa has been approved. Our team offers support after the landing to provide comfort through business networking and legal requirements to start your business.

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