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USA Immigration Visa: Finding your way to Permanent residency in the United States

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  • Begin your trip to the U.S. with confidence, being led by World Visa Consultants by acquiring USA Immigration Visa. Through our team of experienced professionals, we handle all the USA Immigrant Visa aspects making sure the compliance and smooth procedure is maintained.
  • Let our expertise serve as your compass and we will together lead your American dream sailing safely through the complexities of the new culture with USA Immigration Visa.
  • Get in touch with us now, and let's move on to your unforgettable journey with a USA Immigration Visa.

Registered Agent for USA

Kabitha Ramaraj Registered Australia MARA Agent

Tahmina Watson

Founding Immigration Attorney

Tahmina is an award-winning US immigration and human rights attorney, author, blogger, podcaster, and columnist. She is a thought leader on US immigration law, particularly on visas related to startups and emerging companies. Her practice focuses on business immigration, with a focus on startup and investment immigration matters. She is the author of the bestselling book series The Startup Visa including The Startup Visa: US Immigration Visa Guide for Startups and Founders.

Benefits of USA PR

Multitude of job prospects across diverse industries

Access to world renown education and prestigious institutions

Thriving startup culture offering incredible growth and opportunities for entrepreneurs

Advanced and excellent medical facilities

High quality of life with modern amenities and robust infrastructure

Well connected transportation system for seamless traveling within and outside the USA

USA prioritizes work life balance

Strong stable economy offering ample opportunities

What We offer you

20+ Years in Business

20+ Years in Business

Competitive pricing - No cost EMI

Competitive pricing - No cost EMI

No Visa No Fee

No Visa No Fee

How to Get USA Immigartion PR From India

Step 1: Check your USA Immigration visa category and the eligibility conditions for US visa application online to acquire US Citizenship

Step 2: Complete DS 160 application form online accurately, through giving detailed information about your background and purpose of the journey as well

Step 3: Deposit the prescribed fees using recommended channels

Step 4: Attend and schedule the biometrics appointments, if needed for a USA Immigration Visa

Step 5: Thoroughly prepare for the USA Immigration Visa interview by getting all essential documents and practicing possible questions

Step 6: Attend the interview for USA Immigration Visa on the date for the US embassy or consulate for US immigration from India

Step 7: Wait for USCIS to process and adhere to the prescribed timelines for an accurate immigration visa processing time

Step 8: Receive the message of the approval of the visa, also with the instructions of the issuance of the visa

Step 9: Travel to the United States within the mentioned time with USA Immigration Visa adhering to the immigration laws with US immigration lawyers and rules upon arrival

Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Immigration from India to USA

  1. Understand the multitude of USA Immigration Visa categories like family-based, employment based, or diversity US visa lottery immigrant of choice.
  2. Prove an objective for USA immigration, for instance, employment, family reunification or investment.
  3. Meets the requirements set forth by USCIS, for example, education, work experience, and financial stability.
  4. Obtain the necessary documents, which include the birth certificate, passport copies, and evidence of employment or sponsorship for filling the ds 160 visa application to acquire a USA Immigration Visa.
  5. Meet the medical and security screening standards.
  6. Demonstrate proficiency in English or fulfill language requirements where necessary for a USA Immigration Visa.
  7. Adhering to financial obligations, including visa fees and proof of financial support, should not be an issue.
  8. Get ready for interviews with USCIS officials, giving honest and accurate information.
  9. Contact our US visa specialists, or you can look for a US immigration consultant near me, who will guide you to apply for US visa online by filling the DS 160 form online.

How to Immigrate to USA from India?

The World Visa Consultant invites you to be its trusted partner in handling the daunting task of getting a US immigration visa. By combining our knowledge and passion, we simplify and expedite everything to guarantee that you get on that path towards your dream country through USA Immigration Visa and acquire a USA Green card. Whether it is permanent residency, a profitable job, a reunion with loved ones, or any other, our well-rounded services meet your specific needs. Based on our in-depth knowledge of the complexities of the process, our USA visa consultants will guide you at every stage guaranteeing that you follow the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations.

FAQ's About USA Immigration

Accreditations & Affiliations

Australia Mara Agent
IRCC Registred Consultant
OISC Registred Consultant
U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services
Michael Kyprianou Law Firm

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