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Canada Family Sponsorship Program

Reunite and Thrive: Canada Welcomes Your Loved Ones.

  1. About Canada Family Sponsorship Program:

    • At world visa consultants, we specialize in the provision of services for the family sponsorship Canada where relatives live. Whether you require a spouse, parent, or any other dependent visa, our professional team is always ready and willing to support you. Our broad range of services and solutions reduce your stress and increase your chances of being admitted to the institutions of your choice. For all your Canada family immigration concerns, you can count on us to provide you with professional services.

  2. Eligibility For Canada Family Sponsorship Program:

    • Sponsor Requirements: He or she must be 18 years old or above. Must be a citizen of Canada or possess permanent resident status in the country. May not receive social assistance for purposes other than a disability. Must have a certain level of income to support all sponsored family members.

    • Sponsored Person Requirements: Your spouse must be legally married with you and must be of legal age, which is 18 years old. Your parents must undergo medical examination and go through a security check. Must be below 22 years and should not be either married or in a common law relationship. Sponsorship of other relatives, like siblings, may also be acceptable under certain circumstances as well.

    • Canada Family Visa Requirements: It is mandatory for the sponsored family member to pass through medical, criminal and background checks. Original documents like proof of relationship and proof of income must be provided.It is therefore advisable to familiarize with these Canada family visa requirements to avoid any disappointment. Our consultants are quite familiar with these, and your eligibility will be assessed and application for migration to Canada with family will be done appropriately.It is for this reason that, at World Visa Consultants, we appreciate the challenges that are associated with the family sponsorship program. If you are planning to bring your spouse, parents, children, or any other dependents to Canada, don’t worry, we are with you throughout the process. Reach out to us today and begin your process of reunion with your family in Canada.

  3. Application Process For Canada Business Visa:

    • Determine Eligibility: The sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and must meet the following requirements concerning age, income and residence.

    • Gather Documentation: Prepare all important documents such as proof of relationship, documentation of financial status and identification. This stage is essential for parent sponsorship Canada, spouse sponsorship Canada and any other type of family sponsorship program.

    • Submit Application: Ensure you fill all the required forms needed and apply for the immigration to Canada through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Hence, accuracy and completeness are paramount to reduce these avoidable delays.

    • Processing Period: The IRCC will then evaluate your application, this may take several months. At the same time, it is possible to receive additional questions in the form of new requests for information.

    • Decision and Follow-up: As soon as a decision is made, you will receive a notification. Once approved, your family members will be granted their Canada family visa to join you in Canada.At World Visa Consultants we will guide you through the process and guarantee that all the necessities will be fulfilled if it is you sponsoring your wife to Canada or if it is sponsoring your sibling to Canada.

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