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USA EB5 Visa

Investing in the USA: EB-5 Visa for Permanent Residency

  1. about USa EB5 Visa:

    World Visa Consultants welcomes you as you navigate the US EB5 Visa path that leads to honor and prestige for US EB5 Visa for Indian citizens. The US EB5 Visa—the Employment-Based Fifth Preference Visa—is a program that provides a way for foreigners to become permanent residents of the United States through their investment in the economy. This program is meant to be used in the United States to boost the economy through job creation and foreign investment. The US EB5 Visa allows the deserving investors and their families, even the children, to have their own green cards and enables them to live, work, and study just anywhere in the United States. The US EB-5 program is the closest consideration for every applicant seeking to witness the American dream come true.
  2. Eligibility Criteria For USA EB5:

    • Investment Requirement: Being the first prerequisite for the US EB5 Visa for US Green card with investment, the minimum US EB5 visa cost INR investment should be at least $500,000 Green card investment in a commercial US enterprise that is situated in an area eligible for the targeted employment area (TEA Creation). Employers need to provide evidence that they will create at least 10 qualified full-time jobs for U.S. citizens within less than two years for an investment green card in USA.

    • Source of Funds: The applicants are expected to offer proof of the legitimacy of their investment funds, which should be from legal sources, such as profits or inheritance for US EB5 Capital.

    • Business Involvement: Investors may choose to draw themselves away from the execution of daily business activities, while still taking part in policy making and managerial governance.

    • Health and Character: Candidates will have to undergo physical exams and criminal record checks, among others, before they are cleared of health and character concerns.

    • Investment Duration: US EB5 Investment should be maintained for a minimum period with US EB5 Visa Minimum Investment– usually five years for the immigrant to be eligible to become a permanent resident and acquire US EB5 Investment Visa.

    • Age Requirement: The US EB5 immigrant investor program does not set any age limit that is suitable for this program for the applicants, therefore making it an appealing option for investors of all ages.

    • Educational Background: Unlike some other visa types, no diplomatic or foreign language proficiency is required for qualifying US EB5 applicants.

  3. Application Process For USA EB5:

    • Consultation: Firstly, make your appointment with our immigration advisers, who are professionals with lots of experience. First, we'll determine whether you are eligible for the services we offer, then proceed with identifying investments along with implementing a custom strategy suiting your requirements discussing US EB5 Cost and EB5 Capital and US EB5 Visa Processing time.

    • Selecting an EB5 Project: Select a project which is calibrated for your financial objectives and whims. We have a diverse range of projects in multiple sectors such as development, real estate, and manufacturing which as options for all EB5 investors with EB5 minimum investment.

    • Due Diligence: Make a deep analysis of the selected project to estimate its viability, efficiency of its operations, and its capability of job endeavor. By following our team’s directions, you will be confident to handle the critical EB5 process of the risk, US EB5 Requirement and return issues.

    • Investment and Escrow: Then, after you have chosen a project the funds for US EB5 Visa investment amount should always be delivered to a separate account, called escrow, which is designed for this purpose. Such release of the funds will be made to the project implementation upon USCIS’ approval of your I-526 petition.

    • File I-526 Petition: File and submit Form I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Investor, with the supporting documents to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This petition is to make you eligible against EB5 program of USCIS.

    • Conditional Green Card: If your I-526 petition is approved by the government, you and your family members will be permitted to live and work in the United States for a time limit of two years which is also known as conditional green card period with US EB5 Green Card.

    • Job Creation and I-829 Petition: Among the US EB5 program requirements, job creation is a key indicator, with the green card being valid for the first two years of the program. Two years after, file Form I-829 to remove the conditions of the green card by providing evidence of the number of jobs created and economic growth produced by the investment.

    • Permanent Residency: After filing the I-829 petition and it is approved, your whole family will be granted US permanent residency. Consequently, you will be able to live, work, and study anywhere you wish in the United States.

    • Citizenship: By completing a certain period for permanent resident, you would make yourself eligible to become a citizen of the United States, which is another step towards gaining the American residency.

    • Consult World Visa Consultants: Start your final quest to the Unites States of America with firm confidence, as you know that World Visa consultants are by your side throughout your entire journey. Reach out to us now to discuss all EB5 Visa choices and convert your American dream into a reality.

Eb5 Processing Time

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Benefits of Usa Eb5

EB-5 visa holders can reside and work anywhere in the United States

Investors can choose to invest in a new commercial enterprise or a government-approved regional center

The visa allows for the inclusion of the investor's spouse and unmarried children under 21

Children of EB-5 visa holders can access the U.S. education system

EB-5 visa holders can travel freely in and out of the United States without restrictions.

After five years of permanent residency, EB-5 visa holders can apply for U.S. citizenship

The EB-5 visa opens doors for business opportunities in the United States

EB-5 visa holders can access the U.S. healthcare system, including public and private insurance options.

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